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Originally Posted by exceptionalfool View Post
I work jobs with 6 days a week + OT just to make 700$ a week. It sucks. You get 4 days a month to live your life. I was looking for a way out, but now I don't care. I just waste time on my days off anyway.

Have you looked into applying for a role within a government bureaucracy? Once you get in, those jobs probably require the least amount of hours for the most moolah. Maybe a custodian at a community college or university? State universities sometimes have a pool of part-time temp employees for grounds keeping and such, which could be a way in.

How about picking up a trade and joining a union?
For a trade i was thinking of OTA ( occupational therapy assistant) but getting in is hard gpa is kinda low... for 2.0 colleges id have to go out of state... idk but i wonder how id make it in a different state...which is where phlebotomy certificate comes in but i just dont want to waste money on a certificate i cant use because im too squeamish.. much as id hate it idk was thinking of maybe being an art teacher lmao... uhg
but yeah im gonna research gvernment jobs and trades.

i have found some jobs like mail clerk,scheduling center dispatcher...ect
so well see where this goes. wish me luck.

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