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It doesn't sound like you're ready for a job if you're not answering the phone. The good thing is that you're still very young probably. This is the time you can afford to be foolish and take some embarrassment and at least people will still give you allowances because you're still practically a teen and have most of your adult lifetime ahead of you and everyone knows it. It gets much worse when you're years older and looking for a new job. My advice would be to think about when you have had enough, watch some "coach red pill" (, and if you're ready to try school again , maybe look at some two year trade programs or associates at a community college (ex. technician, medical coding, accounting, etc.) where you can take more courses online these days. SA is tough and an unfair hurdle to school and work, but there are ways to work around or fight through it. If you want to get to work, there are other "out of the box" job types such as driving and delivering groceries or amazon turk to try that aren't as SA-inducing. Good luck.
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