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Presentation/Group work in these classes?

Did any of you have to do group work and/or presentations in Philosophy, art class, us history, computer science, or general psychology??
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I took Psych and Art History. Art History had one big presentation at the end, psych didn't but involved a lot of class participation. It really depends on the class size and the teacher. If it's a huge lecture no, but if it's a smaller class you might find some group work/presentations. Not sure about the others.

I have to take speech next semester... eek.
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Like Cam said, it's completely dependent on the class size and teacher. The majority of my general ed classes like you listed didn't really have group projects or presentations, though.
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Had to lead the tutorial with 2 others in a History subject. (horrible) I don't remember any in psych but they expect participation, and it was marked.
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My Psyc classes were only individual projects until the fourth year. Fourth year psyc classes were mostly group projects/discussion and/or presentations.
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