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Hi! I’m new here 🙂

Hi everyone! I just made an account and wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been struggling with social anxiety since I was a child, and it has really made my life more difficult than it ever needed to be, or at least that’s how I feel. It’s improved in recent years, but only because my depression and apathy overrode the anxiety so I stopped caring about anything at all. I still get extremely anxious in social situations and I often feel like I’m the only person on earth with social anxiety. It’s a lonely disorder. So that’s why I made an account on SAS! I’m excited to get to know you guys. It seems like a good community 🙂
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Although it can feel very lonely at times, you are definitely not alone

I am new here too. It does look like a positive community.
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I hope you will like it here, and that being here will show you that you're not alone.

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Hey MCspeaks, welcome to SAS.

Even if our scars donít match thereís no wrong you canít make better if you can figure out a way to change your mind.

And sure thereís things I regret not doing or doing. Those thoughts climb my spine like spiders, and then Iím really the stranger in my own bed,

and that ball of nervous gets pushed into every crack. Thatís whatís holding the bricks together.

- Listener
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Welcome! Hope you find things here very helpful

:: As it stands, more people are willing to kill for what they believe in, rather than die for it ::

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I was reading your post wondering if id gotten drunk and wrote that without remembering

I'm in the same boat for everything youve said, but im in a place (very recently) where i believe its going to change. If you want to chat feel free to seek me out. I cant send PMs yet i dont think, but i look forward to speaking with you

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