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Maybe this isnt worth writing cause im probably quitting my job soon anyways, but id really like some tips on being less shy at work.
It always goes the same way...
I start at a new place, i try to make small talk with everyone and learn their names, ask them about the job and stuff and ask them about their lives. I reveal stuff about myself, but it never gets past that. Then when i feel like the conversation goes nowhere i give up... for the entire rest of my job. Its the same way at school. I talk when i need help and if i am getting more comfortable around someone i open up and maybe try to ask how they are. But once i am branded as the quiet one, i feel forced into this box. If i were to just be talkative now or even make small talk with a coworker im not as comfortable around, it would be weird. But maybe thats good maybe it would shatter their expectations.
I dont know why i get so quiet after the first week and why i cant join conversations. I have the chance to get a job on a cruise ship which ive already passed the first interview and if i pass training ill have the job. Its the ultimate brave thing i can do right now to help me become less shy because ill be sharing a room with up to 8 other people, so ill be confronting this problem head on. But **** it, i dont wanna wait 2 months to be social around my coworkers. I want to be less shy now
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