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Amazon's Kindle Tablets are useless !

I have a kindle tablet version 7.5.1
And the thing is useless.

Why is it useless ...because of Amazon's insistence on making it COMPLETELY with anything non-amazon !

It's like they thought of every trick you could use to install a non-Amazon App, and circumvented it.

I have just spent an entire day combing thru youtube trying to find a fix for this to no avail.

1) I cannot download my favourite Apps directly from the internet because almost ALL apps on a search engine are only downloadable thru google play store.

2) When I try downloading GooglePlay says incompatible

3) When I try to use any other type of alternative says incompatible.

4) I can transfer any file to the tablet via bluetooth except for guessed it Apps

5) Almost all tutorials on "How to download GooglePlay" start with "allow downloads from unknown sources" ...well guess what....that option appears nowhere in my settings menu.
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You have to use Amazon's app store. Google apps aren't compatible.

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Originally Posted by Maslow View Post
You have to use Amazon's app store. Google apps aren't compatible.
But the problem is ...their App store is sh!t almost everything is paid for and the free Apps just do not compare to the Free Apps available on google. I mean...

I have just reset the tablet and I cannot even find a good PDF reader on the store !
And don't even think about Adobe acrobat reader. Its just not available for download.

Plus...the screen is so...hypersensitive/ slow its rediculous...most times I literally have to pull down the menu screen 10 times ..b4 I can actually get to settings....

Many times when trying to open an App all sorts of things open. I try to open settings and it goes to photos instead. I open bluetooth and it shuts off on its own.
I try to open App store, and the antivirus scan opens instead...

Its a Kindle Fire 7.5.1. it has been doing this for months now, I turn it of for a few weeks then start again.

This time I actually reset it to factory default...but now my problems are even I have lost all of my 3rd party Apps and have no way of reinstalling them.
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I managed to get around it but I can't for the life of me remember which site I used. I have Google Play Store tho some Apps don't display very well on the kindle.

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I download apps on my Android phone from the Google store then sideload them on to the Kindle using ES File Explorer.
Use ES to backup the apps you want to APK files then transfer the APKs via WiFi or a thumb drive to the Kindle them use ES on the Kindle to install the APKs.
So far they have all worked although a couple have required that I install Google Services.
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