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Extroverts in my workplace

Why are extroverts working jobs that are clearly more suited for introverts? For example, data entry is more or less a pretty solid job for people who are introverted and have social anxiety because it usually only requires typing skills and computer skills. Thereís no customer service involved, itís just me and the computer.

However, my coworkers are such freaking chatter boxes and they always want to take all their breaks together and are always talking and cracking jokes. I hate it. I just want to clock in, work my 9 hour shift with peace and quiet and then clock out....is that too much to ask for? Iím not interested in the slightest of making friends at work because Iím already satisfied with my current social life outside of work.

As an introvert I just need one or two solid friends to get me through life and any more then that is just overkill. The funny part is that many of them got moved around and arenít sitting next to their pals anymore and I can tell that they are dying to talk! Like they are literally bored out of their minds because they have no one to talk too. Itís crazy just how different I am from them.

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Well you maybe need to try and see things from their side as well. (no offence there obviously) I can understand how they feel - I can't think of anything worse than just sitting there typing away all day. I used to go around to other people's desk and talk for as much of the day as I could get away with too. If I tried to work in an office now I'd need to be seriously sedated - otherwise I'd feel like I was going to explode.

I really don't understand this whole introvert/extrovert thing.
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