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I need help with something

It's kind of random I guess. I start getting nervous around some person for no reason. Like some specific person, not just the usual anxiety. It's usually someone who is being fairly nice to me. I usually have no idea why I get nervous. I'm not at all attracted to them. I mean, that's not me denying something out of embarrassment, I'm honestly not. I don't dislike them for any reason either. I have no idea what it is. I guess it makes me nervous feeling like someone has noticed me. And I find them intimidating for plenty of reasons. Then they notice that I'm nervous. Then that makes me nervous. Then it kind of gets to where both of us are uncomfortable with each other for no actual reason. How insane is that?

I just don't see how to fix these things. I'm tired of putting people off like that. any advice? I'm all about getting past these things.
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