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It may be in south asia, that being uber driver does well enough to make a living. You are probably better off than in the U.S. where it's tough to make it independently single even with an uber job especially in high-cost of living cities and states, and many with college degrees are forced to be underemployed. So while your parents may have high expectations they probably don't realize you are doing relatively well compared to many places in the world and I don't think SAD affliction should not be blamed for probably negatively affecting career progress. 27 is still fairly young, as you don't really start creaking until past mid-thirties imo. As for driver jobs, truck driving is fairly common in the U.S., not a white collar job, but still counted as a "real" job.
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Originally Posted by HellCell View Post
Those experiences are similar to mine. I've habitually been unable to hold a job, I've always ran into a deal breaker in all the jobs I've ever had.
I've thought about the Uber driver gig, but there are things about it that worries me.

Do you worry about not socializing and getting a bad review because of it?
I don't have driving experience except for commutes to work and grocery stores. I'm worried I'll be navigating badly on unknown roads.
I heard stories of having to drive drunk people around and them puking in your car. I wouldn't know how to handle that.
I don't have a perfect driving record, it's been more than 5 years, but I've been in car accidents due to my own fault.

Can you tell me if Uber is as bad as I'm making it out to be?
I'm sure every place you work in is different. I don't carry passengers, I just do deliveries. It can pay well if you know how to strategize.

The customers and restaurant staff never try to talk to me. People usually just want their stuff and for you to get off their property asap.

The constant driving can be exhausting though, and your car will need an oil change and new brakes often.
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All of my jobs have been in an office environment. It's been a struggle even to today to socialize and feel like I can see myself in a job long term.

I haven't been at any job longer than 2 years, and I think the major reason is I feel like I let my SA and lack of self-confidence limit me. Limit me from progressing and networking with colleagues, build relationships to learn new skills and functions or just to get into someone's good graces for development opportunities or a promotion.

I feel like I let my SA drive me to be the quiet guy who doesn't talk or socialize at the office, which is death in terms of long-term development or career paths. But I also try to tell myself that it's never to late to be more social, or to at least keep trying.
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What was your area of study? There are lots of jobs out there that don't involve socializing. But its important that you're good at it. Start by asking yourself what your interests are, and then proceed from there.
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