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Marsco 06-07-2014 06:52 AM

Need help--work presentation!!
I have an internship, which I just started, for a company this summer. I have had OCD for a long time and it's affected me a lot with public speaking these past couple of years. At the end of the summer (so in about 10 weeks) I have to give a big presentation, I was just informed, speaking alone to a group of about 25 co-workers and several representatives from the client I'll be working with all summer.
I have no idea how to approach this because I have severe phobia of public speaking. I get up there and start speaking, but my voice basically stops when I see all the people and I can't really speak for about a minute, then my voice is trembling the rest of the time, largely because I know everyone just saw me unable to speak from fear. I have awhile to fix this, over two months, but don't know how. I'd rather not tell my parents about the issue and the presentation is unavoidable. How can I best prepare myself for the presentation in these next two months using books, over-the-counter medication, or other techniques which I could perform on myself? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Bert Reynolds 06-10-2014 08:12 PM

For a situation like this, I recommend looking into with your doctor a benzodiazepine and/or a beta blocker. I have them for college and they make a world of difference. The benzo will ease the mental stress and the beta blocker will ease the physical symptoms that go along, making the presentation doable with practice. I'm afraid there is no OTC medication I could say is worth trying, especially for a big presentation. Diet and exercise though is very important. Create a regime for yourself to work on these next few weeks. It should do your mind a lot of good. Especially on the day of the presentation, take a nice long run or do any sort of rigorous cardio exercise beforehand. There have been studies showing how exercise can reduce anxiety levels by nearly 50%. Practice a ton as well. Know your material inside-out and once you do, it'll raise your confidence level that extra step further.

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