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New Hires that connect better than me.

Every time a new worker arrives in my department, they have no trouble getting hooked up with the coworkers I've known for months. It's been a week and one guy is already "arm around another guy's shoulder" buddy-buddy with him. I've talked to these people when I could on break, made them laugh and kept them going, but all of that fades away once our breaks are over.

I'm also critically inexperienced with just hanging out with people in an adult setting. I was talking with some girls in the break room and one of them said her 21st birthday is coming up and how she's going to Vegas. I asked her if she was going to go for the whole Hangover (the movie) experience. She looked at me dumbfounded and said, "I'm almost 21, you don't think I haven't experienced hangovers before. It's common to have gotten drunk before your 21st in this day and age."
She continued on with some story about forgetting to remove her contraceptive device while having sex with some guy.

I can't believe how foreign I feel to the world. I didn't admit to the fact I haven't been drinking to avoid more shunning, but hearing about all these moments for other people being common occurrence is disheartening. Even being able to talk a basic amount isn't enough. I've gotten a couple numbers but they never text me or talk to me otherwise besides the typical "Hi." I don't know what else I can do. Asking for numbers sounds weak when I'm the shy loner, and of course no one who I talk with wants to give me theirs to spend time with outside the store.

I'm worried that the others just tell new hires to ignore me or something. I feel completely cutoff even when I'm around people all the time at my job.

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Sounds like highschool.

They never grew up.

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If you're wanting to meet somebody, try using other avenues besides work. Trying to meet somebody at work is awkward and management usually frowns upon that.

Just focus on your work and that should get you through the day much quicker/better.

Sounds like the people you're socializing with decided not to mature after they graduated High School.

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