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***** of a manager/supervisor thing

My manager pulled me up today again about something really petty and silly. She told me off for not saying good morning to her for a few days yet she never says it I always smile at her anyway she kept ranting on about how I keep so called avoiding her when I've been busy at work doing other things and she knows that, also saying how I keep walking past her saying nothing and mentioned that I walked past her 3-4 times and said nothing I think she's over reacting, I'm not their to be her friend but to work baring in mind she's about 20+ years older than me and she's miserable as hell, I heard her talking about me and I was about a meter away she was moaning about me because I was sat talking to someone is her problem I dunno if to laugh or cry she picks at the most trivial thing! it's not like I'm not doing my ing job I'm not sure if we just clash either.... Advice plz? I get on really well with most of the other women at the office.
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That sounds ridiculous. I'd have a talk with HR if that happened to me. A job shouldn't be based on whether or not you flirt with your supervisor or not. If you're busy DOING the job then it should be irrelevant if you skip the pleasantries with your boss just so her ego can remain intact.

Some people have a real superiority-complex personality disorder and have to knock others down to feel better about themselves. But like I said if she's calling you into her office and disrupting your actual WORK then I would file a claim of harassment with HR if this keeps occurring.
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Why is she pinning all of the responsibility of the interaction on you? Where is her accountability? I think it's good that you mentioned her lack of acknowledgment when you walk past her. How did she respond? She does sound insecure in that she's placing all of this blame on you instead of recognizing that she's not making any effort on her part. I feel for you. I've definitely dealt with my fair share of unreasonable supervisors. It's not fun and it certainly causes undue stress and tension... and can trigger a whole heck of a TON of anxiety. I wish I had an answer for you as far as a potential solution, but just reading this makes me cringe a bit and I would probably start looking for another job if I were you, because I wouldn't be able to get that crap off my mind and this petty ish just builds over time with managers who are that unreasonable/irrational. YMMV, however. I hope you're okay and figure out the best solution for you.
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It's a pain haha thanks for the responses guys helped a lot that people can understand
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