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Problem with supervisor

Here's a little background on my job: I am the only one that's in my position, the only other person I have to depend on is my supervisor. No one else in the company knows how to do my job (which is great in a way but also a horrible curse, since my supervisor is the only one that can help me but she tends to mess up more than she actual helps with) She thinks shes amazing at everything she does, and that the place would fall apart without her. And she doesn't hesitate to make that known. Also she is only MY supervisor, I still have no idea how I got stuck with her. She used to be the "boss" but couldn't handle the position so she got demoted into my back up, and our HR person.

She is a horrible person, and what I mean by this is she only thinks of herself. Shes fake, and will not hesitate to throw anyone under the bus that she sees fit. I would love my job if she wasn't there. She makes me hate going to work. Also it seems like every time I ask for time off its always a week she already has off, or theres some conflict where I end up needed to reschedule my plans. I'm sick of feeling like im being taken advantage of. Shes got our boss and the Dr's fooled into believing that shes this great employee, when shes not. She does nothing all day long, and passes her work onto not only me but anyone else she can find. I still don't know how shes got upper management so fooled. (Oh wait, yeah I do, its because she sucks up to them every chance she gets, but treats the rest of us like idiots) I guess in order to get anywhere in this company you need to be a kiss ***. Which I am not, so I guess I just need to get used to being taken advantage of.
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Kill her, chop her up into tiny pieces and feed her to some stray cats.

Seriously tho, there probably isn't much you can do unless you can find some dirt on her and get her fired. Lifes a b!tch sometimes...

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OMG, I have the exact same boss!!! They must be twins. Mine is SO FAKE. And the city thinks she's doing a great job when she's NOT. She sure has them snowed. It's only because we do the work and it makes her look like she knows what she is doing. When in fact, she doesn't.
We are so understaffed but are expected to do the same amount of work and it's killing all of us. Does she care?? NO. She just wants a body there to do the work, get it done and make her look good.
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