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"Push Back at Your Mean Boss"

This is part of an article that I thought was interesting and funny at the end.

"When youíre working for a bad boss, you donít need to quietly suffer through her antics. Ohio State researchers say that itís better to push back; youíll end up feeling less victimized. According to the research, workers who retaliated in hostile situations said they liked their job more and felt more loyalty than those who just accepted the abuse. But most importantly, when the studyís authors returned to their subjects over time, the ones who stood up for themselves said their careers werenít damaged by their risky behavior. (If this seems totally counterintuitive to you, know that it did to the researchers, too.)

So if you have a boss who yells or puts you down, try some of the tactics that the studyís subjects used. The most successful participants used passive-aggressive techniques, such as acting like they didnít know what their boss was talking about or giving halfhearted responses to their superiorís requests. If you subtly push back, then chances are your boss will never pick up on your subordination ó but you will likely feel better for it."

For my job, we have 2 assistant managers who take turns running the show every 4 days. One of them is an *******. If he's made my night utterly ****ty, I like to skip work on his last day of the week because I know I'm one of the few fast stockers for the madness that is the pharmacy department, and he hates rearranging his plans when people call out especially on his last day.

What passive aggressive tactics do you use?
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