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Struggling and feeling isolated

My boss has told me that my communication is lacking at work and I need to be more assertive. Yeah, easier said than done, mate.

This was all over a broken light that hasn't been working for a few weeks and I hadn't told him we need a new one. Talking to colleagues is difficult in itself, never mind that my boss terrifies me - the slightest thing could set him off on a rampage.

I don't know how to cope anymore. I've tried so hard to work against/hide my anxiety at work. Now everyone knows that I have problems speaking up for myself, even for the simplest things like asking for a goddamn lightbulb replacement. When am I ever going to man the f*** up? It's pathetic.

Sorry, I just really needed to let off a bit of steam.
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It took Thomas Edison 1,000 attempts to perfect the light bulb. If it take you 1,000 attempts to correctly ask for a lightbulb, so be it. At Least you didn't give up. Confidence and assertiveness does not occur overnight. It takes time and practice, just like everything else in life. Forget your co-workers and what they think. If they judge you, let them be. They have forgotten where they came from and where they started because at some point in their life they were not confident, nor assertive. Have positive self talk; they are no better than you.

No need to brace for impact, just spread your wings and fly. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Try to apply it to your own life and situations that arise. And you will succeed. You got this!

Good relaxing music, give it a try:
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