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Useless Manager?

Do you have a useless manager?

My workplace have three managers and a service manager.

I report to the most useless one. Let's call her 'B'. She messes around with her best friend 'L' 80% of the day. She delegates almost everything. She swears. She just bosses people around. Just going "do this, do this" and we don't even know what she's referring to.

If I have any issues with 'L' (not that I do) but if I have any complains there is no way I could go to 'B' about it. She will defend and protect her.

And the service manager is close to both of them! So there is no way I can make any complaints about them.

The workplace is like high school. There are cliques and favourites and bullies.
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Eventually, it gets caught. If you have to, and if there is another employee seeing this going on, keep track of events so if you have to file a complaint with another manager, then you have someone who can back you up.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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My boss is not here in the office half the time and when she is here, her door is closed or she is talking with someone even though she claims she is “always available to talk”. She is not a good communicator, rarely interacts with much of the staff and just is not actively engaged in the day-to-day operations of this office. And she most definitely plays favorites!

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Before I officially quit my job as of 2 days ago, my workplace was very much a sinking ship. Soon as I got hired on our accounts manager quits and my coworker who hasn't even been there a year becomes lead and does the billing despite being unqualified and is doing this despite no incentive other than a 2 dollar raise for being a lead. (No idea why they chose not to just hire someone who's actually qualified, but whatevs). Also we didn't even have an HR person except the corporate number to call remotely. The closest thing we had to an HR lady quit about a month before I left. And she was almost never in the office. It was a disaster. Very little communication on all sides and our station manager didn't really do much other than leave most of the bigger responsibilities on my lead and was the most clueless out of everyone there. That's not the worst part though. About 4 months into my job there me and my lead were told that they would be eliminating the position within a few weeks. So yeah, very much a sinking ship. At least I managed to get off of it before it sank.
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In my estimation most managers are quite useless because they merely accepted the position due to the promise of more pay.

In my current place of employment, my managers certainly like to bark orders yet skirt around responsibility for any undesirable outcome. I have given them concerns and they have completely ignored me. The only time they appear interested in doing their jobs correctly is when their superiors are present and they have to put on a good show.

I have three levels of bosses. Supervisors, Assistants, and the Head Manager in order. I very recently had an assistant come up to a group of 3 supervisors whom were standing around and doing nothing and only chastised one for it because of the clique the other two had formed with him. Nepotism and favoritism are rampant in the workforce full stop.

My head manager always gives me a deadpan, dear-in-the-headlights, type of look whenever I bring up a work related inquiry and she has done nothing about them. In one situation, she let a service we were supposed to receive, just leave because in her words it was not her responsibility and I had to take the brunt of the ire from the affected department.

The point in me regaling in brief descriptions of my managerial team is to ascribe to the notion that most managers are just quite bad at their jobs. They were fooled with the promise of financial gains and solvency that an "advance" position brings and did whatever they had to do, said whatever they had to say, to achieve said managerial position. That's not to say that good managers don't exist because they do. Good managers are just extremely rare.

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my last ok job had people like this. that's why I left and have to do **** work now. ****ing people.

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