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Can a person with social anxiety...

Can a person with severe social anxiety and depression (loser) start studying at university? This is me and i want to return back to education but i have this kind of problems. What is your opinion
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Yes, I did. Almost finished my MSc now.

I would strongly advise seeing student support asap though, they are super good there, I pretty much get unlimited extentions on deadlines and ****, which was amazing (wouldn't have had a chance without, tbh).

but yeh, sure. Depression will be harder, but if you are able to mostly focus for an hour or two each day, and are intelligent, no reason why not.

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Yes you can. I would say the same as the post above, be really honest from the start with the uni, there is so much they can do for you if they are aware of your health. What are you wanting to studt?

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it really depends. I dropped out twice due to anxiety, but I had no support. but I completed a BA in philosophy eventually, philosophy is pretty anxiety-friendly since it's just reading and writing.

I made it through 2 different communications papers in 2 different courses. both were very difficult. made it through mock interviews in a different paper too, even though I froze. but both of those courses there came a point where I just didn't want to go back. lecturers were openly indifferent to my isolation. hostile on a few occasions. it's really disgusting.

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Other than the facts that I never did any group studying and never went to office hours and never raised my hand to ask a question in class and never made a friend, social anxiety didn't affect me at university. It was less problematic than high school, because it was much easier to be anonymous and not get picked on.

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I've been thinking about going to university, as well. I haven't came to any conclusion on how to lessen anxiety enough to do so. Not just social, but general anxiety. I was a huge procastinator most of the time in primary and secondary school...that might become a larger issue in an evinronment where money and limited time are involved.

I wanted to study music theory, but I have a feeling I wouldn't quite be the teacher's tempo.

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Originally Posted by theplayer View Post
Can a person with severe social anxiety and depression (loser) start studying at university? This is me and i want to return back to education but i have this kind of problems. What is your opinion
You're not a "loser" - you have anxiety and depression.

I didn't start my Uni degree until I was in my late 30's. It took me 3 years to start - each year I would enrol and try to go but couldn't stay in the lecture theatre. But on the third try I managed it - I just did one subject at first. Then I gradually did more and eventually did a year or so mostly full-time and finished it.

Before that I had done an Associate Dipoloma using benzos. I had to use a bit of benzo again to do the presentations for my tutorials at Uni but I even managed to go overseas and study there at one stage when I won a scholarship. It's possible to do it - but if I tried again I would tell the "disability" unit about my issues - and probably a few of the lecturers. One of mine actually found out years after I'd finished my degree and he said I should have told him - but I was too embarassed to at the time. I would nowadays though - I think there's more awareness of these things now.
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Yeah, didn't have severe depression though, but I've always struggled with motivation. I graduated with a third class degree (not sure how that translates in other countries, but it's the worst grade you can get basically,) still managed to graduate though. Was a very stressful course, other people I talked to studying different subjects seemed to have less work to do. They'd also get weeks off that my degree didn't for whatever reason. I didn't get any emotional/academic help/support either btw. So it's possible.

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Yes, but it can be hard though when you have social anxiety and don't form the same friendship/community others do in college.

I struggled with participation-based courses with in class discussions and presentations, but it's definitely possible to do it. The foreign language credits I had to have were the hardest for me. Most of my classes were just a lot of reading and essay writing and most of my professors wouldn't try and force me to speak. Or, they'd eventually catch on that I'm anxious about speaking in class and call me out significantly less or not at all. Wouldn't hurt to do what I didn't and talk about your struggles with the university to see if you can get some accommodation like others have suggested.

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Yes, so many people on here have completed their higher education degree.

Also, you're not a loser if you deal with social anxiety and depression. It sucks to deal with but it doesn't make any of us a loser at all
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Absolutely agree with everyone upthread. And you're not a loser. You're struggling with something immensely difficult and deserve kindness, compassion, understanding and help.

Anywho, I'm currently doing a 2nd bachelors and will pursue a masters in this field as well. Yes you can do it.

Be kind to yourself and respect your needs. I've never looked into student supports, but I will and you should too. Take your time. Go at your own pace, what you can handle. If that's 3- 4 classes a semester or 5-6, it's all good. The time will pass anyway. It's important to take care of yourself as you go. Continue taking baby steps forward. Also, it's fine to push/challenge yourself, but be mindful not to overwhelm yourself.

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Depends on how bad you feel. I had to drop out once OCD was added to my SA. Couldn't focus or study anymore.

If I didn't get OCD, I'm not sure I'd finish college either, it was stressful as it was already for my level of anxiety.

And if I did finish college, what would I even do with a degree? Job would be worse anxiety than school for me.
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such a perfectly-worded thread!

all tiniest words, not "YOU"! or DO!

still a question though
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