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Can't relax my fury

about immaturity

from my personal perspective

childrens' toys

prettiness' glory? shiny?

colours? car colours? shapes, angles of bodywork skin

enhancements... all games, graphics all images, control 1980s, 90s,
up, down, left, right!
simulators for planes.. everything... now analog controls, textures

making sense by breeding but adding ownership of children? they belong? you make 'em; they're yours? your toys? LSD was an exact highlight of my youth - enjoying basic learning of walking.. stumbling over...reminders

enhancements very fake by adding minimal tweaks over base. when remote electronic communication between any fixed locations (morse code)
Cable, wireless. fixed vs aerial(radio) very say how these immature polish for gleaming prettiness for revenue. pure unscrambled (no disturbance by airwaves AND more passworrdinnggg...) subscription costs, megaparanoid security touted to PAY USSS MORE much more so WEEE will KEEP YYYOOUUU Safe???

every TV show 99% full of immaturity (not comedy or giggles) including all politics and laws.
airhead humans

looks! Smile! posh! expensive clothes! makeup, hair, metal & tattoos.
handheld toys so pretty. otherworld of magic non-existent everyone pays for all the junk cos paid millions to smile

i perform so well by presenting my opinions distilled to nutshell. not violence or seething emotions

entirely: science reality
how much control in grasp of human beings? run, bike, row. drive your car, or pay for pretty electronics help parking toys or do all driving for you? scan your groceries, a human or automated process to produce a receipt?

interface machine-machine √ or human-machine overlap

how many editions / versions of my posts? 1000s?

yearning to delete all instantly when reply count is zero. can this be automated please? this tidy up SAS content really well! set a tickbox per post? if no interest, no replies, erase! I wish to manually but this not a function!

if topic not active, delete. how's that? we choose how many days a poll closes. let us just tick: if no reply, erase/destroy or keep? clear up
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Yeah life is messed up and the world is messed up and people are messed up. I have some similar feelings too, i feel like people really make this world a mess with their shortcomings. I especially understand your feelings about how parents have children, and they then claim those children like they are theirs. Then they wonder why suffering exists? Lol.
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