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Personal Stories of Change

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Do you feel comfortable sharing your own story? We'd love to hear it and will respect your privacy.

You are welcome to share your story in either written or video form.

Below you'll find stories from people who have personally dealt with social anxiety disorder and have made significant positive changes in their lives.

These stories are not provided as medical advice or as a specific path one struggling with social anxiety should take, but rather for inspiration to take action and the hope for a better life.

Earla's Story

Anxiety kept Earla Dunbar from walking out her front door. Courage helped her walk in ours. Earla actually locked the door and hid when people came to her home. It was a combination of severe social phobia and depression. Then came CAMH. Earla says, openly, "The day I walked into CAMH was the first day of my life." Watch Earla's story on »

Max's Story

Chris' Story

Julie's Story

James' Story

Mike's Story

Zeke's Story

More Stories

For more stories visit our Triumphs Over Social Anxiety forum where members of the SAS community regularly share positive steps they have taken in their lives.